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Uniqa uses artificial intelligence and data from conversations to help pharmacies better understand their customers, increase product turnover and improve interaction with manufacturers. It became possible to improve profitability and find new growth points.

How it works?

Uniqa collects and analyzes data from real conversations 24/7 in real-time and displays the results in convenient dashboards to use for better management decisions.

  • Data collection

    We install equipment inside the pharmacies, from which we process audio and video non-stop content in real-time every day. AI tools are used for processing the collected data.

  • Analysis

    The system processes and analyzes video and audio data stream, collecting metrics: gender, age, time of visit, responses from customers, identifying product names, out-of-stock, upsales, switching, etc.

  • Outcome

    The collected data is presented in BI reports and can be integrated with BI and ERP systems.

Network-wide coverage

Uniqa allows getting data simultaneously for the entire pharmacy chain in real-time. This allows «keeping a finger on the pulse» and react quickly to important events.


Uniqa common use cases

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  • Upsales and comprehensive sales

    Historically pharmacists have difficulties with upsales and comprehensive sales (ignorance of recommendation algorithms, lack of target audience management, etc.), thereby missing the potential increase in the average order.

    UNIQA allows to find these missed opportunities for essential increase of comprehensive sales.

    Below you can see the example of a buyer’s request for a Gastro treatment’s antibiotic, which shows the potential to increase sales up to 75%. At the scale of a pharmacy chain, the potential loss of profit can be very significant.

  • Impact of Out-of-Stock to Sales

    Often, pharmacy chains use the same approach in forming the display and assortment of products across all pharmacy outlets, which leads to a situation where demand for certain products is growing, while supply is either absent or not fully satisfied.

    The requested drugs might be recorded by pharmacists in the logbook or accounting system (with a high risk of errors and omissions), but often they are not recorded at all. A customer may ask for the drug during his next visit, but for the third time, he will buy it in another pharmacy.

    With Uniqa it is possible to adjust the assortment of pharmacies so that the supply always takes into account the changing demand.

  • Switch

    One of the major problems for any pharmacy chain is switching (relevant substitutions) by pharmacists. More often substitutions are uncontrollable and untraceable. As a result, the pharmacy chain has losses in revenue and productive cooperation with pharmaceutical companies.

    Uniqa can track the fact of switching and also identify the true reasons for it. It is also important to know how loyal customers are to a particular brand:


    Pharmacy’s chain is getting the task: to sell 1300 units of Product #1 per month. While usual sales of this product per month are 700 units.

    This can be done through balanced switching from analogs. But how to keep this under control within the scale? With Uniqa you are able to see that the leading analog (Product # 2) has only a few switches, and the plan is fulfilled by 36%.

    By correcting the tactics on time, the sales of Product #1 grow by 2.2 times, which allows meeting the target.
  • Patients profiles

    A personal approach to each patient makes them loyal and brings revenue in the long run. Loyal customers will always use a pharmacy that is more convenient for them (location, assortment) rather than looking for unfamiliar outlets. To build customer loyalty need to know more than everything about your consumers. Knowledge of gender, age, and symptomatic of every customer make it much easier for pharmacies to restructure their product lines and achieve better turnover. Buyer behavior is directly related to age, gender, social characteristics, and anamnesis data.

    UNIQA provides data on pharmacy visitors, their preferences and brand loyalty; it helps properly align patient categories and highlight the most promising ones. Investing in a potential group of customers definitely will increase the average check and margin.

    Symptomatology examples:

For whom?

Who will use Uniqa solution?

  • Management



    Monitoring of staff performance, tracking of Out-of-Stock, understanding the nature & impact of returns and failures, full business managing.

    The effect

    Increasing the turnover, reaching the new level of marketing contracts, timely response to demand fluctuations, adjustments to the assortment according to the new demand.

  • Business-coachers



    Identification of new potential consumer groups, building relationships with customers, establishing customer loyalty, staff development.

    The effect

    Growth of recommendations and sales, improving the quality of service in the pharmacy.

  • Marketing



    Control of marketing arrangements and strategies. Focus on customer profiles.

    The effect

    Fulfillment of sales plans and terms of marketing agreements, improving work-quality with customers.

  • Purchasing



    Focus on demand, maintaining a steady supply at the pharmacy.

    The effect

    Stock control, better turnover, timely reaction to changes in assortment.

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